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Family Caregiver Services

Individuals and their families now have more choice about where their services are delivered and more control over who can deliver those services. On November 1, 2010, the Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) notified stakeholders that the long awaited Family Caregiver model was available to qualified applicants. This option is now open for individuals enrolled in all developmental disability waivers (CES, SLS and HCBS-DD/ Comprehensive) and state general funded SLS (State SLS) and allows services to be delivered by family members in the family home or other community based settings.


The intent of this new model is to provide greater service flexibility and expand provider choice and living options. As with all service choices, consideration is first given to the wishes of the individual. Services must also meet the person's needs as identified by the interdisciplinary team (IDT) and meet the definition of least restrictive environment. Family members interested in this model will have the same training and monitoring requirements as other service providers. Legally responsible family members (parent of a minor child or an individual's spouse) cannot be a paid provider for their family member under Family Caregiver.  

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Lori G. – Host Home Provider

    As an HHP, working with Spectrum

for the past 3 years, I can offer a perspective with regard to my client’s unique needs and challenges. Spectrum’s well informed staff foster an environment of positive and progressive supports which are strong, when needed, without crossing boundaries.


Spectrum’s Day Program successfully manages a delicate balance between client and HHP, working together, to expose many opportunities for my client’s interests, with safety and dignity in the foreground.”

    My daughter has had a service provider

from Spectrum who has worked with her for about 3 years with three or four different types of service.  This has been a very positive experience as she has been able to access the community in a variety of ways.  


Some of the activities that she has enjoyed include:  preparing several recipes including shopping and making the dish, purchasing gifts for friends, managing her own money, going out to eat at a wide variety of restaurants, and enjoying many outings of swimming and bowling.


We are thankful for the support and responsiveness of Spectrum."

Wayla M. – Thornton, CO